Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oedipus Rex, He was a good man one of the best, he was wise, just, and in every definition a outstanding person. The tragedy is the fact that his fate was already decided before his birth, and there is absolutely nothing anyone could do to change his fate or destiny. To me this is the only way life could be fair. Everyone cannot escape there fate no matter what, we must walk our path and see what happens.

Life is the greatest tragedy that no one can escape. The very notion that we think we are the captain of our destiny is very arrogant, the current and the winds will always select our course and destination.

I like star wars, I like darth vader.
People eat cats, people eat dogs.
Dogs eat cats and cats eat dogs.
I killed my daddy and slept with my mommy.
Destiny is tragic, Fate is wonderful.
Hook was Peter and Pan is will be Hook.
I swallowed a bullet now, now I go to sleep.....