Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear God

Dear Heavenly Father,
This is , I believe that I am one of your sons. Why did you create me? Why do I have a hard time feeling you these days? I can't even understand why some of the charms in lucky charms are lucky.

Do you even exist? Cause the idea of you exist in my mind, and the idea I have of you is perfect, omnipotent, all powerful, and all knowing being. You must be singular or else you wouldn't have all the qualities. If that idea of you exist than that idea of you alone must me you exist, because all the above qualities means that you make no mistake and you know what will happen. So in the end I see no reasons in doubting you existence, all the qualities I have of you in my idea of you does not prove you exist, but it does not dis prove you either. But the idea of you holds that your existence cannot be refuted just because I am unhappy with my own life or the state of it is unsatisfactory.

Regardless, someone so powerful is beyond my comprehension and I hate god for creating me and mocking me with his powers. God and the Devil are the same to me. One exists to destroy me, the other created me to be destroyed. I exist to be nothing and nothing deserves my love.